Livable Neighborhoods Improvement Project

City of Miami Gardens

The Livable Neighborhoods Improvement Project includes approximately 222 total acres of land subdivided among four separate sites; namely Garden Circle, Kings Garden I & II, Kings Garden III and Vista Verde. The various project sites are all located within the confines of N.W. 183rd Street (Miami Gardens Drive), N.W. 215th Street (County Line Road), N.W. 47th Avenue, and N.W. 37th Avenue in the City of Miami Gardens, Florida. The neighborhoods consist of a mixture of single and multi-family residential dwellings dating as far back as the 1960’s. Significant amounts of the existing roadway infrastructure within these neighborhoods are in a dilapidated state, which warrants immediate attention in order to alleviate the adverse conditions and conform to current standards. Stormwater Management facilities were not included in the initial developments, which are apparent through the numerous drainage issues observed. To little avail, the FEMA-DORM initiative a few years prior attempted to provide some relief to two of the four neighborhoods by installing minute isolated segments of exfiltration trenches.

In order to address the infrastructure needs, the City of Miami Gardens selected Craven Thompson & Associates, Inc. (CTA) to analyze the drainage system and roadway corridors within the project areas. CT&A prepared a Basis of Design Report (BODR) for the first three neighborhoods (Garden Circle, Kings Garden I & II, Vista Verde) which identified major deficiencies and provided recommendations for improvements.

Recommendations included streetscape, street lighting and landscaping improvements to select roadway corridors along with a comprehensive stormwater management system for each neighborhood, which included potential outfall options into nearby canal systems.

The BODR was approved by the City along with the design phase for Kings Garden I & II, which is currently progressing towards 60% completion, with the 30% design having recently been reviewed and approved by the City. The BODR for Kings Garden III is currently underway.