Port Everglades, Broward County, Florida

Port Everglades


Craven Thompson and Associates, Inc. (CTA) has had the distinct privelge to serve as the General Consultant for Port Everglades since 1995. Services include engineering studies and design (paving, drainage, water and sewer), roadway design, permitting, construction services, surveying, planning and landscape architecture, environmental, testing, geotechnical evaluations, structural engineering, architectural, electrical and mechanical engineering and other miscellaneous services.

CTA is the prime consultant and contracts with a number of qualified sub-consultants to implement a variety capital improvement projects for the Port including engineering studies, terminal improvements, toe wall improvements, bulkhead analyses, stormwater modeling, utility system upgrades, roadway improvements and other miscellaneous engineering and testing services. Permitting agencies involved in the project include the local Building Departments, SFWMD, FDEP, U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, BCEPD, BCTED, FAA, FDOT, and Broward County Health Department. In that role, CTA has provided a wide range of engineering, landscape architectural and surveying services, including the design of roadway and drainage improvements, utility relocations, new water and sewer systems, security improvements; update to the Port master plan; permitting; specifications; and construction administration.

CTA has a wide knowledge of the Port’s procedures, operations and existing infrastructure. More importantly, we have established a close, professional working relationship with the Port’s staff. The cost of CTA design improvements completed to date is estimated over $30 million. CTA has completed the following major projects at Port Everglades:

  • Civil Improvements for the Port Security Project
  • Eller Drive Improvements
  • Eisenhower Boulevard
  • Spangler Boulevard Improvements
  • Port Everglades Master Plan
  • Southport Master Plan
  • Southport Phase Container Storage Terminal
  • Intracoastal Waterway Dredging Project (Widener Area)
  • Stormwater Ditch Improvements
  • McIntosh Roadway Improvements