GIS (Geographic Information Systems) are a combination of computer based hardware and software solutions that let individuals; businesses, clients, and government agencies look at a variety of geographic (spatial) data in multiple ways to help them provide meaningful solutions to complex problems.

In general terms, it is a “Smart Map”, a way of viewing the world around us in three or four dimensions for both a visual and informational impact on your daily business activities.

There is an enormous amount of GIS information stored in huge databases around the USA and the world that cover everything from land parcel and taxation data from property appraisers, aerial and satellite imagery, digital topographic elevations from aerial and terrestrial LiDAR, environmental impacts, historic and current events, and socio-economic issues.

We at Craven Thompson and Associates have the GIS expertise, staff and resources to help our clients wade through the all of these issues and find solutions to problems as they relate to Engineering, Surveying and Mapping, Environmental and Planning.

We bring to the table the ability to work with you, your clients, government agencies and environmental professionals on a multitude of GIS projects.

Projects such as:

  • Conversions from AutoCAD, MicroStation or Hard copy data to an ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) ArcGIS software solution
  • GPS (Global Positioning System) data collection and processing
  • Geodatabase design and maintenance
  • Map production for Environmental and Due Diligence reports from all types of GIS data
  • Terrestrial and Aerial 3D Laser (LiDAR) collection, analysis, and modeling
  • Digital Elevation Modeling including both small and large (City-wide) areas,
  • Environmental modeling and analysis through our
  • Site Analysis for new and existing businesses

We work with you to simplify the GIS data collection, processing and analysis to benefit you and to ensure the future success of your company.