Craven Thompson & Associates, Inc. has been actively engaged in land planning since the creation of the firm. Initially, this role was fulfilled by surveying personnel who possessed a knowledge of subdivision layout and construction. With the massive increase in subdivision regulations, planning guidelines and platting requirements, it became beneficial to our clients to employ site planners.

These professionals, however, were not and are not just site planners; they are also urban planners, community planners, city planners, and administrators. The administrative role relates to our ability to deal with a myriad of regulations and agencies in the processing of a project for entitlements and permitting. Federal, State and local regulations have become so demanding that a knowledge of the political structure, zoning regulations, landscape regulations, land use plans, local concerns, demographic make-up and State and Federal Laws must be available to the client. Our staff has this knowledge and is actively working with the regulatory agencies to keep abreast of and aid in formulating regulatory policies.

Land Planning today requires input from all sectors of the consulting industry including surveying, engineering and landscape architectural. At Craven Thompson, we have these in-house personnel readily available to become actively involved in the project from the onset. This in-house capability reduces the critical time in the planning stages by having the information readily available to the Planner and our client which results in saving time and money.

Our Planners offer a wide variety of services such as preparation and processing of:

  • Plats
  • Delegation Requests, both NVAL and Note Amendment
  • Rezonings
  • Variances
  • Land Use Plans Amendments
  • Development of Regional Impacts
  • Right-of-Way Vacations
  • Easement Abandonments
  • Site specific Due Diligence Studies

Over the past 50 plus years, Craven Thompson is fortunate to have been involved in hundreds of successful large-scale, land planning projects and developments such as Chapel Trail D.R.I., Sawgrass Mills Regional Mall, Countyline Corporate Center and Port 95 Commerce Park, all within Broward County. In addition, Craven Thompson has been the land planner on hundreds of other small scale, but equally important projects. Our role as the team leader to process the plat or the site plan for approval, has directly resulted in the construction of over a thousand projects in the South Florida area, a statistic that we are extremely proud of.

In addition to the private sector work, our staff has prepared Comprehensive Land Plans for Broward County cities such as Coconut Creek, Lauderhill, Southwest Ranches and Parkland, Florida. We have also designed public facilities such as Coconut Creek Community Center, Sabal Pines Park, Miramar Regional Park, West Regional Library, New River Elementary School, Seagrape Drive Streetscape and numerous other projects.

We believe time is a critical ingredient for any project, and proper planning minimizes the time in executing a project. We are prepared to provide the land planning services in a creative, responsive, professional manner to move the project to the design, approval and construction stage in the shortest possible time.