Craven Thompson and Associates were the Civil Engineers for the Westside Town Hall Drainage Study within the CRA, west of Davie Road and north of Orange Drive. The site is approximately 34 acres and is bounded by SW 41st Court on the south, SW 67th Avenue on the west, SW 39th Street on the north, and Davie Road on the east. The Drainage Study incorporated a 5 acres parcel of Town owned land adjacent to the Central Broward Water Control District Canal west of Town Hall as a passive park/retention area to attenuate the storm water. This opportunity for the passive park developed into a park dedicated to the firefighters complete with a playground firetruck.

The Public Works site, West Side, Covenant House Park Site, North Side with Dry Retention, and the S.W. 67th Avenue Extension are all proposed to be interconnected with a storm drainage trunk line, and discharge to the CBWCD N-7 Canal via one (1) new control structure. The project required an ICPR stormwater modeling analysis. The new control structure was placed in the dry retention area near the northern end of the Covenant House Park Site and has a 5.40-inch wide weir slot at invert elevation 3.55’ NAVD to limit the discharge to the canal and provides the required water quality for the Public Works Site, Covenant House Park Site, and the West Side. The North Side has its own dry retention area for water quality and control structure with a weir elevation of 3.10’ NAVD, prior to discharging to the main trunk line. The storm sewer was 3,225 linear feet, the exfiltration trench was 1,270 linear feet, the roadway, 6,100 linear feet and the sidewalk 2,300 linear feet. The main storm sewer trunk line system for the area has been design and permitted by Craven Thompson & Associates, Inc.