These important City complete streets projects involved the design and permitting for approximately 2 miles of neighborhood collector roadways for the City of Oakland Park.

Craven Thompson and Associates were the projects Civil Engineers and Landscape Architects for the full roadway reconstruction design, stormwater management ICPR modeling and design, utility coordination and relocation, landscape and streetscape enhancement, and all associated jurisdictional permitting. These projects required permit approvals from Broward County Environmental Protection Department (EPD), Broward County Health Department, and the City of Oakland Park Public Works and Engineering and Community Development Departments and utilized FDOT LAP funding for construction. Craven Thompson and Associates assisted the City of Oakland Park with the funding procurement process.

A round-about was designed for NE 38th Street to discourage truck traffic and redirect cut-through traffic from NE 38th Street to alternate routes between Andrews Avenue and NE 11th Avenue.